The SuperCTRLr

SuperCTRLr Launch - Part II

SuperCTRLr Launch

Welcome back Geek Hack!

So here they are! The second batch of SuperCTRLr keycaps is ready. I had a lot of fun designing this keycap, and I am honored that so many of you love it.

I am continuing the initial launch price of $18 and $7 Super Star (yellow stars only). To get the discounted price, use the discount code CTRLr2 at checkout. This deal will only be valid through this weekend (June 4th, 2017).

The first 10 of each color are ready to ship. Please, no more than 2 CTRLrs per order. Links to the product are at the bottom of this page ⬇️


Yes, for round 2 I am including another giveaway. This time I will be making one lucky person a Super Star in any custom color combination they choose. And I'm not just talking the ones listed on the product page.

Here is what I'm talking about, I have a lot of decorative acrylics on hand:

Color Samples

The stem color is still limited to white, black, and clear; but the star, eyes and plate are all fair game.

I will select the winning invoice number via dice roll (!) and will post the results in my thread on Geek Hack.

Thank you, and good luck!